The ninth plague

The Ninth Plague

Staten island

"Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light."

     For the past few months I've been working day and night, trying to come up with a concept for a hopeful message, with out it being a corny, roll your eyes type of deal. So this came to mind when I was hanging out with a few new friends I had made since coming back home to New York. We just happened to be talking about the world today, not in a cynical way just a friendly discussion, and it came to me, I couldn't ignore the thought. I knew it meant something. I've had mini epiphanies before but they were fleeting, this one sunk real deep into my heart, everything I have believed in and was growing to believe. I couldn't have done it without a lot of support from my friends and family, whom I can never thank enough. This has always been a dream of mine, to have something to call my own but never knew how to name it, or to have a valid purpose or message behind it, and through all of the events that have happened in my life, most of my own doing, some not, The Ninth Plague was birthed, born out of a dark time into a new light of hope, growth, and positivity. Once hopeless, and helpless into a state of rebirth. I've had my share of substance abuse issues, and this is in no way a "pink cloud" ride or a delusional project to to boast or brag about being on the other side of addiction. But without my past, this could never happen, it's beyond just drinking and doing drugs, it was a matter of how I dealt with life, how I lived and treated other people, being an addict is not an excuse or get out of jail free card and I know that, but it is a proven mental illness. I am not, nor will ever be cured of addiction. I am not proud of it, but I'm far from ashamed of it and am doing all I am suggested to arrest the disease. The meaning behind this project is staying true to yourself, life is not easy, the media portrayal of happiness and success is skewed and confusing. Success is measured within. Making money, being intolerant of others, mean, greedy, selfish, and cruel to our fellow man/woman is seems be what's "in" nowadays and for a long time but I don't believe so, and I know a lot of people and you share similar feelings. I believe patience, love, kindness, tolerance, understanding, giving not taking, comparing not contrasting, friendship, loyalty over royalty, not hating, speaking from our hearts, not belittling, not being sexist, not racist or prejudice is how most of us truly want to live but fear has been taught to us viciously by media, TV, the internet and social networks. The world we live in today is a far cry from those beliefs. We were not meant to hate or hurt, but I understand the pain of the world today has made us that way, but we should never lose hope in each other. It's within us to fix ourselves and the world around us and find the truth. Life is worth living, and it took me a long time to realize that. This is not about making money, I'm not afraid of this failing or being broke, I'm afraid of not trying to do what I am passionate about, and I don't have any more room in my heart for regret. Im trying to prove theres hope, even if it's by making stupid fucking shirts. I love you all, so love yourselves. This is for us, the seekers of the truth.